“I came to Vitalia Holistic Health Center in 2018 with severe chronic pain in my right sacroiliac joint. I had been dealing with the pain for over a year and had already seen Pt’s, acupuncture, a massage therapist and conventional docs all to see no significant improvement. Dr. Forwell believed the regenerative therapies she offered could help my body heal on its own. We started with Prolotherapy injections with a plan to escalate to PRP if need be. I trusted Dr. Forwell to do what seemed best for my situation and accepted her care plan. Over the next 6-8 months I received two Prolotherapy shots and 4 PRP shots. With each shot I could feel a difference in the day to day pain levels until finally after the second PRP shot, I had my first day in over two years in which I had no pain. The number of days without pain only increased after the third and fourth shot. I write this review now a few weeks removed from the fourth shot and I am no longer avoiding daily activities due to pain. I can still feel lingering pain but the levels are so low compared to where they have been, I barely notice it. My life has dramatically changed since coming to Vitalia and words can’t describe the level of gratitude I have for Dr. Forwell and her team. I’ll never be able to thank Dr. Forwell and her team enough for all their effort in getting me healthy. Not only was the care top notch but they also had a payment plan that allowed me to get the treatment I needed and still be able to afford it. In this day and age, avoiding treatment due to cost is all an all too familiar story for many of us, and I deeply fear where I would be right now if Dr. Forwell and her team weren’t so accommodating and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Forwell and the entire Vitalia team and would tell anyone who wants to get better the natural healthy way to seek them out.” – Matt (age 30)


“At the time of my first visit with Dr. JoAnna Forwell, I had been living for over 6 months with constant shoulder pain, loss of strength and range of motion in my right arm. An MRI indicated a high-grade partial tear in my rotator cuff tendon. From August through January, I received a total of 6 prolotherapy injection treatments and other related care from Dr. Forwell. Over the period of 6 months of receiving prolotherapy injections, my shoulder pain decreased and gradually vanished. Through specific exercises, I have regained range of motion nearly 100%, and continue weight lifting to build strength. I am satisfied with the fine care I received and excited with the positive results. Dr. Forwell was thorough and patient and as kind as she could be giving needle injections. I have recommended her to my family and friends, and testify particularly to the benefits of prolotherapy. It proved to be a very agreeable alternative to surgery in my case. It worked!” – Rita (age 60) Forks, WA


“Receiving prolotherapy under Dr. Forwell’s care has given me relief from knee pain, afforded my leg more stability and range of motion, and has basically given me back my sense of personal well-being, feeling able to walk and enjoy my day to day activities without being in chronic pain.
Before seeing Dr Forwell I had received an arthroscopic surgery and a partial knee reconstruction surgery. As time passed, I needed a full leg brace in order to work. I was in constant pain. According to an orthopedic surgeon I consulted, I needed a full knee replacement, but suggested that I postpone the surgery as long as I was able to tolerate the discomfort, since the results only last 15 to 20 years before the surgery needs to be redone.
My leg had started to swell from being in the brace all day while doing my job. It was becoming unbearable, and I was starting to fall into depression. Yet, I also had a strong, intuitive sense that there must be some other way to help my knee without replacing it with a metal one.
I discovered “prolotherapy” online and my research led me to Dr. Forwell. I am fortunate to have found her and grateful for her care, wisdom, knowledge and professionalism. Her work helped me regain my mobility, energy and optimism. I am so glad she is my Doctor!” – Jonnie Gilman, Seattle, WA


“I have been paddling for 26 years, 1 paddle stroke at a time, freestyle competitions, big water, steep-creeking, and expedition kayaking.
So for me to be diagnosed with bilateral epiconditis, was devastating. After almost 1 year of trying to get better using every approach possible, I was introduced to Dr. Forwell’s process, and after 1 treatment my elbows are able to carry a load again.
Dr Forwell has x-ray fingers. “She knew exactly where to place the shots. Five days later I was back on the water full time and paddling at more then 90%. I just finished my second treatment and feel confident I will be back to 100% within a month.
I can’t praise Dr Forwell enough. Prolotherapy is serious business and a powerful way to rebuild worn out body parts like ankles, knees, hips, back, etc., etc.
Dr Forwell sets the standard in prolotherapy treatments, and the best part for me was the prices at Vitalia Health Center are half to 3 quarters less than most places.
Treat yourself and get back in the game
Thank you to everyone at Vitalia for being so helpful.”
– Marco C. Leavenworth, WA


“If you’re looking for a doctor in the Seattle area that is a step above everyone else then look no further as you’ve found her. Dr. Forwell consistently goes above and beyond. I’m now seeing her for all my medical needs, from my yearly annual exam to shoulder scarring issues and everything in between. However, our paths first crossed when I’d hit a low point in my physical appearance that was impacting me emotionally. To me, they went hand in hand. Together with Dr. Jo I’ve begun to tackle my weight loss goals. My body transition and knowing she’s there to not only be my doctor but coaching me to success has made all the difference in my continued success in living a healthy lifestyle.”
– Kristin


“I went to see Dr. Forwell after years and years of being in pain and having major digestive dysfunction. Previously I had tried gastroenterologists who were quick to diagnose me with IBS and put me on a very restrictive and totally unsustainable diet. A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Forwell and she actually took the time to listen to me and address my issues holistically. After 2 weeks of minor diet changes and adding in supplements, I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this good. I went back today for a follow-up appointment. She set me up with a long-term plan for healing my gut and coming up with a diet I can actually stick to. If you have experienced digestive issues, I highly highly recommend Dr. Jo. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to see her!”
– Allison


“First I will start by saying I had great results being treated by Dr Forwell and I highly recommend her.

My Story: I am in my early fifties and play in an adult hockey league 2-3 times a week, pretty much all year around, and I skate pretty hard. There is no purposeful contact, but hockey is hockey, the ice is hard, and so it’s still a pretty physical sport even without checking – and it’s hard on the body. In August of 2016, early in the game during our league championship, I hit a rut in the ice at the same time I was run into by another player. My right leg twisted and I fell hard on the ice. The worst was that when I was falling, the leg didn’t give because the blade of my skate was stuck in the rut.

The initial injury hurt, but not that bad, so I still played the remainder of the game. The next morning though, I could not walk on my right leg very well and it was very painful. I went to my general naturopathic doctor who diagnosed a sprained MCL. I was told to rest and that it should be better in about 60 days. 60 days went by and my knee was no better, so my ND then sent me to a very well respected sports orthopedic surgeon who sees many pro athletes.

He did an MRI & it showed that my MCL, ACL & cartilage were all in good shape, but I had a ‘complex’ tear of my meniscus. It was torn in three places. He recommended that he operate on my knee, remove most of the meniscus, and then in a few years get a knee replacement. I was terrified by that prognosis.

Instead, I started to research and, during my readings, I saw an article regarding ‘regenerative injection treatments’ so I did quite a bit of research on it and thought that this was the way for me. I preferred to try to grow back some of the meniscus as opposed to taking it out. So I went back to my naturopathic doctor and asked about it. She had a classmate who performed the PRP treatments that I had read about. They were classmates at Bastyr. That’s how I ended up seeing Dr Forwell. I am glad I did.

The bottom line is this, after 5 treatments, as of March of 2017, I am back on the ice as if it never happened. My day to day activity is 98%, I have no pain hiking, walking, standing etc. When I play hockey, if I wear my knee brace there is no pain. If I do not there is a little, but not enough to hinder the skating much.

The treatment was highly successful for me. The only draw back was that during the 6 months I was in treatment with Dr Jo I had to just let my knee rest. No hockey. But it was worth it.” – Joseph Strobele Bellevue, WA


“I’ve been coming here for about 8 years, and have had excellent care every time. Dr. Jo isn’t your typical physician, which is a plus, and we have developed a great relationship with her. She sees my kids, my hubby, and me.
Hubby had a serious back-to-back flu and pneumonia episode several years back, and she treated both without having to hospitalize him.
The kids like her because she takes time with them – doesn’t rush them and talks with them.
We come every fall for her own “immunity shot” and so far, neither I nor the kids have contracted the flu each year (hubby didn’t believe in getting that shot until after his aforementioned episode, and now does).
We tell everyone about this place.”
–  Karen